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Welcome to Industrial Surplus And Refinery ,LLC
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​Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap
• Insulated Aluminum Wire
• Bare Bright Copper 
• Short Iron (3 ft & under) 
• Aluminum
• Sheet Copper 
• Steel Turnings
• Cast Aluminum
• Bronze
• Forklifts 
• Cast Aluminum
• Red Brass
• Mixed Metals
• Wheels
• Yellow Brass
• Tin
• Copper Radiators 
• Aluminum Die Cast
• Whole Vehicles 
• #1 Copper
• Electric Motors 
• Busheling 
• #1 Insulated Copper 
• Stainless Steel
• Long Iron (4ft & over)
• #2 Copper
• Litho Aluminum 
• Cast Iron 
• #2 Insulated Copper
• Titanium
• Nickel Alloy
• Titanium Turnings
• High Temp Alloy's

We are family owned and operated and have been in business since 1990 we are located in Philadelphia, PA  and we are one of the most productive industrial surplus and scrap metals buyers in the industry. Our goal is building long term business relationship's with our clients.  
Industrial Surplus purchases all types of new and used Valves , Instrumentation, Electrical wire,All Processing equipment, Electrical equipment, pipeline equipment, paper mill, mobile equipment,Etc... 

​Industrial Surplus buys electronic, electrical, and electromechanical devices and instruments from companies and individuals that want to liquidate inventories and/or convert unused items into cash. We can make an offer on individual items or an entire warehouse. Contact Us by phone to describe the item(s) you’d like to sell for immediate service or email a list at

Don't throw away your unwanted or used electric equipment. Why watch your money disappear down the drain and add to the growing strain on the environment?

Quality you can't beat

(We buy and sell all types of Surplus Manufacturing, Refining, Processing, Electrical and Industrial Equipment. Machines, Pumps,
Tanks, Motors, Heat Exchangers, AC/DC Circuit Breakers,
Motor Control Centers, Welding Machines, Vessels, Pipe Fittings, 

Valves and all Surplus Inventory Equipment. We buy and sell new or used surplus equipment all over the world. Nothing is loaded or leaves your site without being prepaid.)
Welcome to Industrial Surplus And Refinery,LLC